1. 'Cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies'
This is a Spanish version of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.' SITES classes sing this song to practice body parts and get students up and moving! 

2. 'La araña pequeñita'
This is a Spanish version of 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider.' SITES classes have fun singing this song with hand motions. Ask your students if they have learned them yet! 

3. 'Mi cuerpo hace música'
This is another song that SITES instructors teach to learn about body parts and to get students dancing! 

4. 'Voy en avión' 
SITES instructors usually introduce this song during the transportation unit when classes explore the surrounding communities. 

5. 'Buenos días'
SITES instructors often sing this song to signal the start of Spanish class. Ask your student to teach it to you! 

6. 'El pollito pio'
This song reviews farm animals. It also is a great way to get students thinking about different animal sounds and how they might sound different in different languages.

7. This song is perfect for the winter season and it is a great way to review body parts in a fun context!

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